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So I don’t understand people who can’t make some change in their language just because it’s not comfortable. You often see comedians nowadays arguing that the policing of language has gotten out of hand. You’ve never been shy about using words that make wide swaths of people uncomfortable. He likes comedy and he wanted me to do something that I was not the right person for, but we realized that we both use the Notes app — me for stand-up and him for lyrics. He went something like, “Weak is a description / weed is a prescription,” and then I was like, “My grandma gets really heavy periods.” Is it harder to generate material now that you’re not focusing so much on breaking taboos? To me, when you just have blue sky to write on, it can be paralyzing. They’re not jargon, but there are these words that are all over the place now that I still never get straight: oligarch, plutocrat, demagogue. But just today I was ranting at the writers’ room going, “You’re not understanding how crazy it is that the word shit is taboo in this country.” I don’t get it: There are a million synonyms for it that are fine to use. I haven’t gotten softer, but I used to do a character that said the opposite of what I meant.You can’t take half a fucking day and come up with a new word? There aren’t concrete answers about who is allowed to say what, but in general, if I talk about Jews are cheap, it doesn’t cause the same feeling in your gut as if someone who’s not Jewish is talking about Jews are cheap. You know there are comics who say they don’t even want to play colleges anymore because of the PC stuff? I worship Seinfeld, but basically I believe students tend to be proven right historically. Your attitude toward provocation has changed over time. I use my Notes app now on my phone instead of a legal pad. I remember we wrote a couple pilots together, and we would get notes back and I’d be like, “Fuck these people! David, you know we live in a time where you can just double-click on the word and get the definition? The character I was doing — an arrogant ignorant — was something I continued with on I know this is a clumsy and reductive question, but do you think your work has — or had — a feminist function?

How do you push back against that kind of discouragement? If we’d heard about a show where, I don’t know, the idea was “ has dinner with New York Jews,” we’d be pretty skeptical about its purpose. I want people’s defenses to go down so that we can connect.

How many times did they fight things that are now a normal part of their own lives? It’s crazy we just had to bleep “shit” in a song we did for the show. And the shit I was doing doesn’t necessarily age well.

I used to say, “That’s so gay.” And in defense, I’d say, “I have gay friends. ” I said stuff like that in It was so nothing for me to sacrifice using a word that can feel like a stab to the heart to someone else. You don’t see the fucking Dalai Lama using hoity-toity words. I like the stuff I did earlier in my career, it’s just not totally me anymore.

Not everyone needs this level of work on themselves.” Sorry, what was my point? Or at least focused on more than just the fact that you said things that were shocking to hear a comedian, and a woman comedian in particular, say out loud?

When people say, “she’s a dirty comic,” it always drives me crazy.

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Do you think it’d be fair for viewers who lean right to be similarly skeptical about your show? But the segment you’re talking about is just one aspect of the show.

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