Vindolanda and the dating of roman footwear

According to the researchers, every single shoe is like a time machine, and a window into the everyday life of the person who once wore it. For example, Chronicle Live reports that one shoe that was unearthed is strikingly similar to the Adidas Predator football boot.

Although Romans didn't play football, the shoes offered them similar comfort and flexibility to the famous Predator model.

, impressive dress boots with a feline head that came nearly to the knees.A team of archeologists has discovered more than 400 ancient Roman shoes in the Vindolanda fort in Northumberland, England, including some that resemble modern-day shoe styles.The site, located just south of Hadrian's Wall, was an ancient settlement for Roman soldiers and their families.Romans arrived in Britain for the first time around 55 or 54 BC, when Julius Caesar launched an invasion.The war between the invaders and British tribes ceased around 212 AD, and the fort went out of use.

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