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a) Operation Thor b) Operation Kratos c) Operation Prometheus 37 2006 was the International Year of what?

a) Deserts & Desertification b) The Mountain c) The Potato 38 On July 20, 2007, the Crown Prosecution Service announced that Lord Levy was not to be prosecuted in connection with the "Cash for Honours" affair.

The notes show generic scenes of windows or gateways on their fronts. a) Bridges b) Roads c) Castles 34 On July 17, 2003, the former UN weapons inspector and Mo D scientist Dr David Kelly apparently killed himself.

Two days earlier he had attended a Foreign Affairs Select Committee hearing and described one of its members as an "utter bastard". a) Andrew Mac Kinlay (Labour) b) David Heathcoat-Amory (Conservative) c) Paul Keetch (Lib Dem) 35 In September 2004, the new Scottish Parliament building opened.

a) China b) North Korea c) Belgium 3 What did they start doing with dung in Holsworthy, Devon, in 2002?

a) William Congreve b) Mr Punch c) Christopher Wren 13 Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother died in 2002. a) Queen of France b) Queen of Ireland c) Queen of Wales 14 In 2003, what did the inhabitants of a Fijian village apologise to the family of the Reverend Thomas Baker for doing? a) 110 million b) 220 million c) 1.1 billion 23 The pioneer of 24-hour news, CNN, first noticed the rise of the emoticon in April 2002, drawing the world's attention to "a combination of typed letters, symbols, or numbers that communicate an emotional state". a) Sarcasm intended – sticking tongue out at self b) Delicious – licking lips c) Sly smirk 24 In January 2003, Noam Chomsky addressed an anti-American speech to a huge crowd packed into a football stadium in Porto Alegre, Brazil. a) The World Social Forum b) The World Economic Forum c) Global Call to Arms 25 The term "podcast", used to describe a downloadable episode of digital audio or video content, was coined in 2004 by a journalist writing in: a) Wired Magazine b) The Guardian c) The Huffington Post 26 The Noughties is the decade of annoying contractions. In 2005, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's relationship spawned "Brangelina". Before he became Tony Blair's fund-raiser, Michael Levy managed musical acts. Who of the following wasn't a client: a) Chris Rea b) Eric Clapton c) Alvin Stardust 39 In February 2008, the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apologised to the so-called "Stolen Generations".

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a) Kidnapping him b) Stealing his hat c) Eating him 15 London accountant Helen Kelly was shot outside the Urban Music Awards in 2004 but saved when the bullet was deflected by…

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