Ps3 crashed while updating

(DO NOT DELETE ANY CONTENTS OF [SAVE DATA].) (2) Select [Gran Turismo 6] and press the △ button. Replay data exported from the game and copied to the PS3 or an external drive can be restored once the game data file has been created.I've noticed when I try to access Uplay from within the menu on from within Child of Light v1.02 the game will halt and sometimes restart the PS3.Should that fail, users will have to delete GT6’s existing game data from their PS3 and create a new file by restarting the game.[GAME DATA (PS3)] and press the X button to enter the menu. (4) Go to the XMB (Cross media bar) erase saved game progress, garage content, or accumulated credits, but it will erase all previous update files and saved replay data.

I would like to know if there is an update or an actual answer to this? Any time I attempt to access u Play, while in game with Child of Light, it freezes.

Got to about halfway through the download of the update when the PS3 beeped twice and the red light started flashing.

Switched off at the back and left for 10 minutes to see if it was a heating problem.

I have a question open with Ubi support and their answer totally did not apply to my issue at all, with Child of light. When I try to gift oculi to get one of the u Play actions, it doesn't even bring up the share menu.

I installed the 1.02 update and I cannot access DLC or Uplay, at all. It did once, I shared an oculi with a friend from my PSN list, but the u Play achievement did not register and I have not been able to open the Gift Oculi menu since.

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