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In case those two questions just gave you the creeps, marriage or even a monogamous relationship is probably not the right thing for you, at least not now.

Please allow me to ask you two more questions to find out what you really want: Do you dream about having sex with a girl on a regular basis who allows you to sleep with other women?

If it doesn't feel venue appropriate -- and we trust you can figure this out -- some Internet spaces, like that app Pair, allow for more intimate communication.

Feel free to do whatever you like in private places, like Gchat or E-mail.

Do you dream about a happy marriage with a house in the suburbs?

Do you dream about waking up next to the same woman for the rest of your life?

We let them figure it out (without much pressure), and they are getting married this fall. Or, have you ever made a successful match among friends?

But I think they'd both agree that forcing the issue before they were ready could have ended in disaster. No, but know someone who'd be a good match for me? Set ups that didn't go so hot: Dating FAIL: My Grandma Tried to Set Me Up…With My COUSINAwkward Dating Situation: I Orchestrated the Worst Set-Up Ever.

How to discreetly say 'back off bitch.'" Facebook jealousy can be marriage-ending.That said, it works for some people and can be a good way to meet guys with real potential, provided you follow some basic guidelines to minimize the awkwardness and avoid under-the-bed hiding.K__eep it among your inner circle.__ Don't offer to set up people you barely know.A friend g-chatted me today to say the girls in the deli she frequents for lunch offered to set her up with another guy who works in her office building (hence, inspiring this post).Um, other than perhaps a mutual love of turkey on wheat with a little mustard, what exactly do you know about these people that indicates they are a good match? Beware of the consequences: As in the situation above, people who work in the same office have infinite potential for awkward run-ins if the date goes poorly (not to mention they are both totally going to avoid your deli, whoops!

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