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I don’t have any investment in her being anything other than herself and I’m excited I get to help her find out whoever it is she will end up becoming.Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas and grandmommas and great grandmommas and great great grandmommas! Have you ever watched my porn or followed me via social media and thought, “Man…I was so excited to experience this adventure in the same town with my longest friend. Shortly after arriving back home, we met up to have a conversation.

Even though she’s of me, she will still view the world from her own set of eyes. It’s my job to create a safe space for her to explore and discover who she is and then help her develop the relevant tools she will need in order to survive and flourish in this world as the person she is.First my advice would be to not let strangers, friends, family, society, even your own parents make you feel that you need to be conventional in order to be a good parent.I get a lot of different reactions and the questions that accompany them to working in the adult industry and also being a mom, as if the two could not exist simultaneously.I don’t want my daughter to grow up with the illusion that I am supreme and my word is “god”. She’s going to learn lessons from me always, and I’ll learn all sorts of stuff from her too.I see our relationship like any other relationship I have in life.

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