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On the other hand, there are also plenty of fans who find this one of the most fascinating elements of their biggest idol’s lives, especially since a few of them get highlighted on various reality shows.If you watch any of them or just happen to care a whole lot about pro wrestler’s dating habits, take our quiz and ask yourself: do you know who these WWE superstars are married to or dating?They were doing something ethically wrong, and they could not expect to be rewarded for their actions.The other group said that these women were the biggest fools in the world.

Brock and his wife have caught a little guff for the fact she’s 10 years his senior, yet it’s highly doubtful anyone has the tenacity to mock the couple for this to their faces.

Some haven’t settled down yet, but this only opens up their options to spending time with even more attractive people on the dating scene, quietly making fans jealous or impressed at their ability to impress the opposite sex.

Nine times out of ten, a given wrestler’s personal relationships play little to no role in their wrestling characters.

You’ve got some good friends — and they’re giving you the right advice.

We all hear about those rare occasions when something like this works, but it’s far more common for a recently separated person to end up hurting someone badly, whether that’s intentional or not.

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