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When Jennifer Lopez started spending time with Drake at the end of last year, they joined the list of “are they or aren’t they? Lo opened up a about what exactly she and Drake have been up to—and the stigma attached to older women dating younger men. ) All it took was a little probing from Ellen De Generes on Tuesday, and J.Yet men live longer if they are in a relationship with a younger woman.Drefahl is unsure why women with younger husbands don’t live as long.But he hypothesizes that the reason men with younger wives live longer is that a younger woman may help with health care, and she may help expand his social network.But there are benefits for women with younger husbands.However, it’s not just the women in these relationships who face social disapproval.

“Who did you spend Valentine’s night with after the show? ” De Generes pressed, while displaying a photo of Lopez and Drake on the screen.Drefahl found that having a younger husband actually shortens a woman’s lifespan.The women who lived the longest were those with husbands around the same age.They have more sex than women with older husbands, according to a study by C. Gagnon cited in gerontologist Sara Katherine Archer’s article.Women in these relationships also report being happier overall. 825-853 Wiley for the Economics Department of the University of Pennsylvania and Institute of Social and Economic Research, Osaka University By: Hernan Vera, Donna H.

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