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Moments of downtime that perhaps used to be time for quiet thought or a casual conversation with someone nearby are now filled to the brim with ‘texts’ and ‘widgets’ — it seems there’s not a moment that goes by now that can’t be occupied by this tethered technological gadget.Chris’s article also brings to mind a few interesting points about our “cell phone society”, about the way cell phones have affected communal spaces and how they have changed how we interact with one another.A time when you might have sat for a moment in silence, read a book without interruption, or chatted with someone nearby, instead of constantly grabbing for your phone to send a text or check e-mail?It’s hard to imagine, but just give it a try: can you remember life before you had a device with you, at all times, everywhere you go?

It’s that five-minute filler, that substitute for silence.

How often do you overhear someone on the phone orating something along the lines of “O hey, watcha doin? O, me either,” while you, by yourself, are walking peacefully?

Tranquility, apparently, has lost its stock value, while looking like Ari Gold from Entourage and keeping extremely busy has broken the glass ceiling of coolness.

” when you see that beautiful girl carrying an i Phone, you can just bump into her and say “Oh, hey, look at that, I got your number, we might as well make this work.” My personal favorite widget was created by Jordan Palmer (no, not Carson Palmer, his brother).

It’s called Run and Pee, a comprehensive list of convenient times to visit the bathroom while watching a movie at the theatre.

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