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To these we must add those formed by missionaries (especially Russians) from one of these Churches.Later Latin and Protestant missions have further complicated the tangled state of the ecclesiastical East.A committee statement said: 'A decision on a prosecution will be made following the results of the check.'Father Vladimir, secretary of the Kazan eparchy in Tatarstan, a mainly Muslim region, said the risque shoot was 'unacceptable regardless of the church being active or half-ruined'.Believer Yaroslav Ivanov demanded: 'The woman should be punished, the magazine closed, and the church rebuilt.'The magazine issued an apology to anyone who took offence over the pictures in the church, built in 1897.The point may be stated more scientifically by using the old division of the patriarchates. Western Christendom may be defined quite simply as the Roman patriarchate and all Churches that have broken away from it.

Illyricum (Macedonia and Greece) once belonged to the Roman patriarchate, and Greater Greece (Southern Italy and Sicily) was intermittently Byzantine.

Churchmen have complained that, although the pre-revolutionary building used for the bridal shoot is in ruins, it still holds occasional services.

They argue it is a sin for a woman to be seen in the sacred building in Gari, Tatarstan without a veil or scarf let alone in a half-transparent dress and revealing lingerie.

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