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The first written mention of the veneration of the crucifix only occurs at the end of the 7th Century. John of Damascus: By the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ death was overcome, original sin was absolved, hell deprived of its prey, resurrection given and the strength to despise the present and even death itself, and the way was prepared to the blessedness that had been in the beginning, the gates of Paradise opened, our nature took up its seat upon the right hand of God and we became the children and heirs of God.

The tradition that the Cross of Golgotha had four points was upheld by St. Augustine; but the Church did admit a variety of forms of the Cross. Theodore of Studium says, a cross of any shape is a true cross!

The third Sign of the Cross, as the particles are placed in the chalice, sanctifies the four corners of the world.

After this, the warmth (warm water) is added to the chalice, poured in the Sign of the Cross.

Patriarchal: This Cross has two horizontal arms with the upper one shorter than the lower.

The top arm represents the inscription placed by Pilate on the Cross (Matt. Three-Barred: This Cross existed very early in Byzantium, but was adopted by the Russian Orthodox Church and especially popularized in the Slavic countries.

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The communicants approach the chalice with crossed arms.

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