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See Sean Flynn's "The Shooter and the Saint", on a fender-bender of well-armed linemen on the streets of New Orleans.Befitting 20, feel-good stories are in short supply.Protests that don't offend aren't worth the effort.The ones that do are the ones that can change the world."Will Kaepernick change the world? Like Ali, Kaepernick stands over six-feet tall, speaks openly about his faith, and is, in Ali's words, "so pretty".Pop Matters 20 Questions caught up with them while on the road and, typical of their collaborative nature, they combine their responses, here.1. We just watched Away from Her in the van and we both had tears rolling down our little faces. See Jesse Katz's "26.2 to Life", on the annual marathon at San Quentin Prison. In this category, then, cheerleading qualifies (Jeff Maysh's "Why One Woman Pretended to be a High-School Cheerleader"). '"Notions of American identity also inform Bryant's concern for the country and its athletes. "We're not just living in a dangerous world but in an America that isn't quite sure if America still means what we once collectively believed it did." Are we a nation of immigrants or human-trafficking profiteers?Los Angeles based Uh Huh Her is a dynamic pairing of musician/actress Leisha Hailey (of the Murmurs, and plays Alice Pieszecki on The L Word) and singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Camila Grey (Mellowdrone bassist and keyboardist). He's fluffy and unassuming, and shows up right when Atreyu needs him. Maysh's portrait of Wendy Brown, 33, is largely a contest of between truth and deceit, but it's American to the core: "' Can't repeat the past? See Luke Cypher and Teri Thompson's heartbreaking piece on dreams deferred in "Lost in America".Inspired by a PJ Harvey B-side from the identically titled 2004 PJ Harvey album, their band name was born. This indie electro-pop duo's second CD, Common Reaction releases this week, 19 August. Do convicted criminals deserve even a fleeting illusion of freedom?

Many, too, involve actors from elsewhere: prep athletes from Cameroon. Ex-pats from South Sudan competing under the standard of the Refugee Olympic Team.It was more of an innate thing that happened as opposed to something that I decided I wanted to do.I had a lot of fun doing that growing up and then I continued that into college and afterwards I decided I was going to keep on going and try to make more movies. We also think that Chewbacca would make the perfect tour manager. Loading equipment in and out would be a breeze for him. I light some candles and listen to old records on my shag rug in my studio. I remember the admissions woman on the phone asking me, “Ok, if there are four sharps, what is the key? ” Hailey - Building and racing soapbox derby cars as a kid because I was the only girl and my cars were cooler and faster than anybody else’s.7. Grey - Making ear candy Hailey - Making people laugh8. Mulholland Drive, friend hopping, going to see a movie. As a recent review from concludes, "Neal Morse has the ability to take the listener in any emotional direction with straightforward songs and meaningful lyrics". It’s the only thing that actually clears my head and allows me to create.6. Grey - Getting into a music school when I didn’t know how to read music but talked my way in, anyway. No matter the inspiration, there's no doubt that the other eleven tracks on the disc will pack a comparable yet varied kind of elegance and honesty that makes "He Died at Home" so powerful.

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