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I grabbed my passport and I fled through the window," she says.

First stop Warsaw, then Paris in the northern Goutte d'Or neighbourhood at the Lavoir Moderne Parisien (LMP), a neighbourhood theatre threatened with closure.

On December 21, 2011, in the Belarus capital, Minsk, three of them demonstrated, on that winter day, against the dictator, Alexander Lukashenko.

I would be incapable of undressing at the beach, but, when I demonstrate, I feel like I am wearing what I call my “special uniform”," she explains.

While in custody, they were questioned for a long time, insulted, threatened and beaten. The Ukrainian ambassador was obliged to exfiltrate them out. "It was said that we were financed by Obama, Soros or even Putin! She would like to import this culture of commitment to Paris where she plans to stay because a return to Kiev is too risky.

During the night, they were hooded, then handed over to another team. At night, she says, she has trouble taking a break.

But some, such as Inna Shevchenko, have been pressured into leaving the country.

Now settled in Paris, they have opened a training centre in order to instruct followers from the world over.

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