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* * * * So back to our story: we were at the airport and we had a problem. Madga sighed and lightly dragged her fingers along his leg.

It was my truck and I knew I should drive, but my newly dignified sister and her fully dignified husband were not going to consent to be crammed in the back seat. I knew what it was to be young and in love, but was not comfortable sitting in Andrew's lap watching them start to paw each other.

Over the years of I've enjoyed a number of Literotica stories in which a mother and son become sexually involved after circumstances force the former to sit on the latter's lap during a long car ride, Mom Takes A Ride by Nakd Salr and Sitting on My Son's Lap by retired04 among them.

(No slight is intended to the many other fine such stories I fail to mention here).

* * * * At my instigation we had left for Flagstaff several hours early; I wanted to hit a gym; there was no weight room on the lake.I preferred the latter, but I was just getting started and a girl needs to make a living.My sister Jasmine, fourteen years older than me (there's an intervening brother and sister), has just escaped a bad marriage to a decided loser and swearing not to make the same mistake twice, traded on her looks and targeted Patrick, who was twenty years her elder, very conservative, quite well-off, and as far as I could tell a perfectly nice man.This was the first time I'd gotten to talk to her alone and our conversation was free flowing, touching on our history, recent beaus, hopes for the future.Madga was studying child psychology with the ambition of becoming an expert in adoption. I put on a light blue dress - short, sleeveless, buttons up the front - perfect for the heat.

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He had, however, either forgotten or never known how most of us lived.

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