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As I said, we all tend to use the same username (and the same password) for every online account. It is one less thing to think about, if everything is the same everywhere.But when using Kik, reusing usernames is your Achilles Heel.So if you use the same username for Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter…then it is not going to take a rocket scientist to figure out what your Kik username is.Others are trying to elbow their way into the increasingly crowded space, one of which is Kik.Kik is a free texting app, with a user-base of around 50 million (so really small, compared to Whats App).But they pretty much just take two words out of a dictionary and put them together, whether they make sense or not. Kik recommends that you use a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.There are many websites (most of which are too pornographic to link here) where Kik users want strangers to “Kik Me”.

This is not so difficult, since many people tend to use the same username for everything online (I am frequently guilty of this sin — thinking up usernames is not my forté).They’re probably on the wrong side of 50, with a bad comb-over, wearing a string vest and Y-fronts, sitting in their mom’s basement, surfing for chicks.If you’re as bad as me at thinking up new usernames, then Googling the term “username generator” brings up loads of possibilities. I am definitely claiming “majestic-eyeball” for myself.Kik, on the other hand, requires no phone number — just an invented username.Therefore, as well as smartphones, you can also install Kik on i Pod Touch and i Pads (which have no phone capabilities and are therefore commonly given to tweens).

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So, many kids have no idea that it is even possible to do.

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